Gardening in an evidenced-based way to improve mood and self-esteem

One in four of us will directly experience a mental health problem. 


Is it possible that therapeutic intervention can substantially reduce mental distress, and is available on our doorsteps? Should people with mental health challenges be given the opportunity to engage with therapeutic horticulture instead of, or in addition to, drugs and psychological therapy?

We believe the answer to all these questions is ‘yes’. The evidence base for eco-therapy is growing stronger and we have the personal stories to prove it.  

Download our current course programme here:

​Is MindFood for me?

We support people experiencing common mental health problems such as depression and anxiety, as well as people who want to take steps to prevent mental ill health.


The courses are able to support people who:

- Are over the age of 18

- Have a GP as their primary clinician 
- Are a resident in West London


We are accessible by public transport with Hanger lane & Alperton tube stations being a 5 minute walk, and regular buses nearby.

By bike, both are sites are very close to canal routes, and we have secure places to store your bike.


We encourage anyone interested to get in touch to discuss whether MindFood would be right for you. 

The natural environment 


MindFood wants to play it’s role in the growing success of ecotherapy by helping to reconnect people with mental health issues, with earth and nature, which has been proven to have a powerful therapeutic effect.

Leading mental health charity Mind, and the Uni of Essex carried out research where they found 94% of interviewees agreed that eco-therapy benefited their mental health.


Our impact


Since coming to us, participants agreed or strongly agreed:

  • 80% feeling calmer

  • 80% feeling greater sense of purpose

  • 90% feeling less isolated

  • 82% feeling happier

  • 100% feeling physically fitter

  • 70% are sleeping better

  • 71% are eating healthier foods

"I learnt  how to be mindful of the moment, not the past or future, to stop my anxiety attacks"
Natalia, a Growing Wellbeing participant