Sustainable Wellbeing

A new nature-based course to help people identify and achieve their wellbeing goals


Sustainable Wellbeing is MindFood's free 6 to 16 week follow-on course from Growing Wellbeing. It aims to help participants embed learnings from their first MindFood course into everyday life. It builds on personal experience and aspirations to identify meaningful goals, introduce healthier habits, and achieve sustainable wellbeing.

You can’t make a plant grow... all you can do is create the right conditions for it to thrive. When a plant flourishes, we do not say it has achieved its goal…we just enjoy it.


Our nature-based approach works in a similar way. It gives participants the tools, time and space to work out what is right for them. This is done through our 5 Ways to Grow framework, which uses gardening and gardening metaphor to guide thinking, discussion, and moving forward.


Who the course is for: 

This course is for anyone wanting to build their confidence and motivation, and support their on-going recovery by finding an activity, occupation or cause that is rewarding and beneficial to their wellbeing. 

Sustainable Wellbeing is funded by Ealing Council in partnership with Neighbourly Care.  


To make the most of the programme, we ask that you can attend on a regular basis.


To apply, fill in the application form below and send to or call Lucy Clark on 07720092954.



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Phone: 07720 092954