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Veg/Fruit plant giveaway for schools

Recently we announced a giveaway for schools to receive a big juicy bundle of fruit and veg seedlings courtesy of MindFood and the MindFood family.

Via email or social media posts, individuals could nominate a school to win a bundle, and after the closing date, nominations get added up, and the lucky 25 schools//provisions receive their bundles the following week.


Tell me more!

  • Plants could include- tomato, chilli, aubergines, cucumbers, salads, pumpkins, sugar snap/mangetout peas, spring onions, leeks, strawberries, runner beans & purple sprouting broccoli, calendula, nasturtiums plus herbs - esp coriander, parsley and basil... quite a lot then!

Who will get the plants?

  • 25 schools and provisions in our local borough of Ealing

Who could nominate?

  • Anybody! We shared our giveaway on all our social media channels, and accepted nominations from any individuals, as long as the provision they suggested was in Ealing.

So... Who will the lucky recipients be?

  • The giveaway is now closed, and we are counting up nominations, which we will announce this week w/c 25/4/22!

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