Plot to Plate sessions


Plot to Plate is our drop-in programme that offers the opportunity to gain experience of growing fruit and veg whilst improving your wellbeing. You can come to sessions whenever you feel the need, and aren't obliged to attend. Simply choose which day suits you.


Who is the programme for? 


Plot to Plate is aimed at adults experiencing anxiety, depression, stress or isolation, and provides an opportunity to reconnect with nature in a friendly and supportive environment.  


Our sites have a mixture of outdoor growing space and indoor growing space in polytunnels, greenhouses and a 'bubble dome' where you will be able grow and harvest crops, whatever the weather. The programme provides you with the opportunity to grow fruit, veg, flowers and herbs & also to embrace the environment through guided walks, creative projects and contact with nature.


Whether you are an experienced gardener looking to pass on your skills or just know how good nature makes you feel but no outdoor space, this programme allows you to work at your own pace in an inclusive and calming space.


In each two-hour session you will:

  • Review the growing spaces and identify key jobs

  • Learn natural gardening methods

  • Do some practical gardening

  • Review, reflect and record progress on the plot, and your wellbeing.

Over the course of the programme you will be able to grow your own produce from seed and harvest the produce to take home. You will have the opportunity to set your own goals and create projects with the support of our team. You will also be able to benefit from the onsite orchard and can participate in activities such as the annual apple harvest organised by the Friends of Horsenden Hill (click to go through to their Facebook page).
It's fun, you'll make new connections in the community, and learn transferable
new skills. 

Fridays 10.30-12pm

Saturdays 11-1.30pm

Horsenden Farm
Perivale UB6 7PQ

Who is this course for?

Weekday sessions are for anyone who has been through the Growing Wellbeing course.

Saturday sessions are for anyone, regardless of previous attendance.