Evidence for Ecotherapy supporting mental health 


Ecotherapy is the name given to a wide range of treatment programmes which aim to improve your mental and physical wellbeing through doing outdoor activities in nature. Connecting with nature in this way can have lots of positive health benefits.

Ecotherapy can make a significant difference to how you feel, for example by helping you feel more grounded, providing an alternative perspective on life and helping your mind and body to relax. The leading mental health charity Mind found that ecotherapy can help:

  • reduce depression

  • reduce feelings of anxiety and stress

  • improve your mood and self-esteem

  • increase your emotional resilience

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MindFood evidence of supporting
improved wellbeing 

​MindFood supported 77 people on one of our courses last year.

Since coming to MindFood participants agreed or strongly agreed:

• 94% feeling calmer

• 93% feeling greater sense of purpose

• 90% feeling less isolated

• 70% feeling physically fitter

• 67% are sleeping better

• 87% are eating more healthier foods

80% of participants who completed the course showed an increase in their Warwick Edinburgh Wellbeing Scale score with the others remaining stable.


Average Pre score: 37.1 

Average Post score: 47.4

The scale states that an increase of 5 or more points represents a significant increase in wellbeing. We had an average increase of 10 points after the 6 week course which represents a huge increase in peoples wellbeing.