Growing Wellbeing 6 week course

Our free weekly two-hour 'Growing Wellbeing' course can help you tackle stress, anxiety and depression in a natural way. We run these courses at our allotments near Hanger Lane tube and at Horsenden Hill Farm, both in Ealing.

The course is a fun balance of learning how to grow food, practical tips and techniques to improve your wellbeing.


It's very relaxed; there'll be no sitting in a circle sharing feelings - a concern for many! 


Join us to help create and sustain a veg garden that's a world away from the pressures of city life.


As well as learning lots about gardening, participants will be introduced to the following wellbeing themes:

Wk 1 - Wellbeing 5-a-day
Wk 2 - Mindfulness
Wk 3 - Wellbeing Planning
Wk 4 - Brain Food
Wk 5 - The Mind as an Ecosystem
Wk 6 - Free group visit to Kew Gardens

You can join Growing Wellbeing:


Participants interested in the course can complete the self-referral form download below and return to We can then discuss next steps.  








If you have any difficulties completing the form, or want to discuss anything about the course or your situation please contact Lucy, or call/text 07720 092954.

  • New courses start every 3-4 weeks

  • You are able to self-refer to MindFood

  • We also take referrals

  • No waiting list