Building Wellbeing

Who is the programme for? 


1 in 8 men in the UK are suffering from one of the common mental health disorders: anxiety, depression, OCD, panic disorder.

Almost everyone’s mental health worsened over the pandemic, but while women have been approaching MindFood for help, men are still hesitant.


The Building Wellbeing sessions will loosely follow our Growing Wellbeing format: jobs around the plot, self care tips to try at home, cake and a cuppa, and free veg to take home at the end.


Our sessions are not a talking therapy, so no-one has to discuss their feelings unless they want to. We know this is a worry for many.    


MindFood is a ‘doing therapy’: an escape from everyday pressures, and a chance to reset.   


We simply offer a safe non-judgmental non-competitive space where being ‘in it together’ can speak for itself.     

A sense of solidarity also comes from a common sense of purpose - we'll be fixing up our space for others to enjoy. And the great news is: doing good...feels good. What matters is that we can all share a similar recovery journey.

The Sessions

This group has men's mental health at its heart - so it is for anyone who identifies as male, and non-binary people who feel more comfortable in a space that centres male experience.

Our time will largely be spent on garden DIY projects (carpentry, painting, fixing and upcycling): upgrading MindFood’s space in the first instance, but with an aspiration to become a source of DIY support for Horsenden Farm and other community projects.


No gardening or DIY experience necessary - we’ll all be learning together!

We'd love you to join us regularly if you can - ideally for your first 6 sessions, so that you can really feel the benefit. But once you're signed up you're welcome to dip into sessions whenever you choose.

Wednesdays 2pm - 4pm

Horsenden Farm

Perivale UB6 7PQ

Who is this course for?

Men who want to do garden DIY projects around the Farm, learning and sharing practical skills to develop our space, and meeting like minds.