MindFood on the Move

Do you have a prospective venue for us to tend to?

We are open to bringing our experience and expertise to sites that wish to have their venue showcased, and that give MindFood a good geographical spread across the borough, or help us reach client groups or communities that cannot join us at our ‘home’ sites.

Why partner with MindFood?

MindFood is a small but established Ealing-based charity that supports people with common mental health difficulties to improve their wellbeing through gardening, mindfulness, and nature-inspired creativity, and we:

  • have 6 years experience in delivering this course

  • have a format that can work almost anywhere (see location criteria below)

  • can bring new audiences to you.


How does it work?

We recommend our weekly two-hour 'Growing Wellbeing' course. It’s a 6-session programme to help people tackle stress, anxiety and depression in a natural way. We offer these free at the point of delivery.


The Growing Wellbeing course is a fun balance of learning how to grow food, plus practical tips and techniques to improve wellbeing. Teaching the basics of evidence-based mental health self-care in a structured but informal way is what sets us apart. 


A natural setting provides a gently calming environment in which to learn, but we proactively help people to make the connection between nurturing plants, nourishing themselves, and illustrate the sustainable benefits of living mindfully and being conscious of one’s resources.


What time of year is this available?

We operate year round and in all weathers, but our aim is always to keep people warm and dry, so we interchange gardening activities and nature-inspired creative projects under shelter as required. Maintaining the connection both with nature and others is key.


We can only work with existing gardens that are in relatively good shape. We require:

  • existing beds - empty or slightly overgrown is fine. No landscaping or major clearing work (eg brambles)

  • raised beds and/or table & chairs to allow work at sitting or standing height, to accommodate those with mobility difficulties

  • access to toilets

  • sheltered area


Please contact us to discuss ​further details and for our full prospectus: Lucy@mindfood.org.uk

Top to bottom: MindFood on the Move at Chiswick House; Our Grow + Create 18-24 offering at Artification, North Acton Pavillion