We are on a vital, ongoing and committed journey towards anti-racism

​We are at the forefront of seeing how challenges with mental health are represented in the individuals that come to us, and acknowledge the disparities in mental health.

The Racial disparities in mental health report: Literature and evidence review by the 2020 Race Equality Foundation state:

"Black and minority ethnic people experience a wide number of inequalities related to mental health. This ranges from... having a higher risk of being detained in secure institutions to more general difficulties in accessing appropriate care and support their for mental health needs.

The evidence suggests that black and minority ethnic communities are at comparatively higher risk of mental ill health, and disproportionately impacted by social detriments associated with mental ill health. From accessing treatment to receiving mental health support, through to assessment and treatment, inequality and discrimination remains rife for black and minority ethnic communities."

Black and minority ethnic people are 40 percent more likely to access mental health services via the criminal justice system than white people.

Here is a link to the full report:


Our greatest ambition is for MindFood to be a place where all members of our communities can see themselves and their lives meaningfully reflected in the work we carry out, and to feel like MindFood is a safe space, free from discrimination, where active anti-racist values are upheld.


We are learning, and listening, and are passing the mic when appropriate. Super importantly, we know that this journey will mean that we will get things wrong, and when we do, we shall hold our hands up, learn from our errors and implement changes where needed.

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Here are some of the ways that MindFood are working towards our anti-racism journey 


We added in anti-racism as a point on the agenda to cover at every board meeting


Our staff and Board attended anti-racist training with Everyday Racism's Natalie


We partner with neighbouring organisations that work with specific communities, sharing our learnings in a culturally appropriate way


We've started a lending library of books from Black writers & academics, share within the team, then we'll share with MindFood participants

We use the anonymous recruitment feature on job applications, to reduce the potential for unconscious bias. In addition, we aim to seek out applicants from marginalised communities